We organize places for immigrants to do gardening together with ”Porvoon palstaviljelijät” in Gammelbacka. We are providing our members with tools and counseling. The season starts in May and gardening is free for members.

Counsellor: Marianne Green

Finnish Language Café

Our language café gives you possibilities to strengthen your spoken language in a relaxed atmosphere on your own level. Locals and immigrants speak about different subjects, listen to music and drink coffee together. In this way you can really get the feeling about being a part of Finnish society.

You can also get some help with your homework.

Finnish Summer Course

We arrange summer courses in the Finnish language, starting right after midsummer two times a week. Our teacher is José Miguel. He teaches on A1-A2 level. José teaches in English and in Finnish. The course might continue during the autumn when needed.


Free for members.
We inform about the place later.

Together in Finland

In this project women from Finland and women from other countries come together for a meeting every third Sunday. In this peer group we discuss topics that open our knowledge about one another. We talk, have something to eat and we are having great fun together. This project is a cooperation between the Red cross in Porvoo, MAPorvoo ry and the Swedish marthas.

Place: Lundinkatu 10 C 41, Borgånejdens marthor at 15-17. We will inform you about dates.


At least once every summer MAPorvoo ry organize an excursion to the archipelago together with Red cross in Porvoo. It´s a half day family trip. We hire a boat for a big group and go out to an island, where we are enjoying the nature, grilling and playing outdoor games. 

All members are welcome. 
Next trip will be in July 2024.

In september, we also organize mushroom trips, where we learn about wild mushrooms and how to move in Finnish wood landscape. We have a professional guide with us along!

Free for anyone to join.


We hire places for doing sport activities such as basket- and volleyball from Porvoo city during the winter season. 

During the summer we inform you about free spaces in Porvoo, where you can do tennis, beach ball and more!